console winevents and codepage change on 2 or multi cpu systems
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2006-09-18 05:20:11 UTC
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Hey guys, any help would be appreciated.


My system basic specs is Windows XP, SP2, Intel P4 Hyperthreading.

This problem occurs only if there is more than 1 cpu(hyperthreading or
Dual Xeon).

I am using SetWinEventHook to get notification of console winevents.
Events 4001h-4007h

After I setup the hook, I run several console applications, let's use
cmd.exe as an example. all is well, notifications are coming from all

windows and I was happy for a while.


When I run CMD.EXE, and then run "chcp", I get the active codepage. if
I try to change it using "chcp 437", the CMD.EXE process hangs.
Same happened if I use a console application of my own and use the api
SetConsoleOutputCP to change the codepage.

If the console process didn't hang for the first time, opening a second
console application(or cmd.exe) and changing the codepage causes it to


Assume the only line of code in the WINEVENTPROC that fires is int i=0;
No global variables, no calls. so the problem is not within the proc.

or DLL's, exact same results.

I tried hooking only 4007h event, same results.

The problems occurs only in the console events(4001h-4007h), other
events work great.

If I UnHook the events, change the codepage(works) and hook back, it
works but it's just not supposed to be this way! ! ! and it is not good

for my design.

On single processor systems it works well, on multi processor systems
it only works If I set the affinity of CSRSS to only one CPU and so on
(not a good solution obviously, just for the sake of testing...) then
all is working well.


1. WTF?
2. Am I doing something that is not thread safe ?
3. Is this a bug in windows ??????? is their api not thread safe ?
4. Not related to the problem(I am not using VB for the above problem),
does any one know why UnHookWinEvent doesn't work in VB(doesn't unhook)

? while SetWinEventHook is working great.?

Thank you very much for your time,

Riki Wiki
2006-09-18 18:55:11 UTC
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Hoi Lao

You need to repost your question on the Borland news server to make
everybody see it and possibly answer your question. Further, this newsgroup
do not officially exist, use newsgroup b.p.d.nativeapi.win32.

How to post to Delphi newsgroups: