How can I change other program's priority from inside a Delphi program?
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Ciuperca Cosmin
2006-11-07 07:20:25 UTC
Sorry for my English...

Hi. I've searched this group but I didn't find something that I could
use. I also did find some Delphi applications that do this but the
source code was not included.
I know the handle of a window in that application and I want to change
the priority of the application that includes that window.
If nobody knows how to do that at least tell me how to use
CreateProcess to start Notepad - for example. There are so many
parameters... This could help me somehow...
Thank you.
Ciuperca Cosmin
2006-11-09 08:31:24 UTC
Nobody knows...?
Riki Wiki
2006-11-22 06:46:09 UTC
Hoi Ciuperca

You need to repost your question in newsgroup b.p.d.nativeapi.win32 because
this newsgroup do not officially exist.

How to post to Delphi newsgroups: