Delphi 7 - handling printers queue errors
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2006-08-29 15:12:25 UTC

I've made a simple application. At the end it prints some PDFs. Let's
say the printer's queue has 50 different PDFs to be printed, but after
10 of them it stops because there is no more paper.

How can I intercept that error? is there a way to check if a printer is
in error status, and what is that error?

If you could write me a simple code I would be pleased..I really don't
know where to start..

Thanks in advance,
Riki Wiki
2006-08-29 19:11:48 UTC
I really don't know where to start..
Hoi Lorenzo

You start by reposting your question on the Borland news server to make
everybody see it and possibly answer your question. Further, this newsgroup
do not officially exist, use newsgroup b.p.d.nativeapi.win32.

How to post to Delphi newsgroups: